Watch the movie....just 50 seconds!
Where to put it?
Put the alarm on your equipment, then tether it elsewhere. (Don't put the alarm in a fixed place then tether it to your stuff; you want thieves to face having to take the alarm.)
Exactly where?
Any flat surface big enough for the alarm. It must be flat, not "almost" flat. Don't block air vents or access doors – once glued, this plate is never coming off.

Should I do any surface prep?
Good idea. Grind or sand plastic, and if it's painted metal, sand off the paint.
How much glue?
Use 1/4 of the 25 ml cartridge.
Sometimes our distributors supply a different size cartridge. Check it!
Mix WELL. Then mix some more. The glue smells strong and strange. This goes away in minutes.
Down each end of the underside there's a ridge about the thickness of 8 sheets of paper. Spread the glue between these. Try to put more towards the center of the plate, less towards the end ridges.
Press the plate down firmly. This is so the ridges mentioned above set the plate to a precise height.
Important, else your alarm won't fit.
Scrape away excess.
With experience you can use less glue, but be sure you cover the entire bottom of the plate.
Important, else your alarm won't fit.
Clear away any excess under the ledges on both ends. Our box cardboard is the perfect thickness for this.
WAIT 7+ minutes before you attach the alarm box.
If you rush and mount the alarm the glue has set, you'll never get it off again.
Capture something fixed or hard to move.
One end of the long cable plugs in here.
The other end will plug into the alarm.
If what you need to capture is bigger than the small loop, then make a lasso like this.
Have 7+ minutes elapsed since you glued the base plate?
Then follow this sequence left to right.
Plug in the free end of the long cable.

The key both physically locks the alarm onto the mounting plate and arms the alarm.

You can test it if you want – just unplug any of the sensor connections. Have the key ready – once triggered, only a key will shut down the siren.