Sonic Shock Plasma - Sonic Shock 5 Sonic Shock 5
What it does
Sonic Shock works like a car alarm for your computer, projector or television. You attach the alarm directly to these items, giving thieves two choices: take away a sounding alarm, or spend time trying to remove it. Our experience in over 10 years, hundreds of thousands of units, commercial and institutional sites world wide, is that professional thieves just walk away. Thieves that persist typically abandon the attempt empty handed. They rarely return. Professional thieves want anonymous, quick, and quiet. We don't embrace anonymity, we're not quiet, and getting rid of us isn't quick.
How It Works
Attach alarm to the plate below
Snare end loop around something fixed, heavy, immovable
10 foot / 3 m long sensor cable
Cutting or unplugging the sensor cable
triggers the alarm
Glue this to your equipment
Don't have something to loop the sensor around?
Use the Anchor Point Sensor instead. Attaches to any flat surface - say the wall behind a television.
Removing or tampering this unit triggers the alarm
3 foot / 0.9 m long sensor cable
Cutting or unplugging the
sensor cable triggers the
Mount any way you want
Mount sideways or upside down – no need to adjust or calibrate anything
Shake it all you want
Sonic Shock isn't motion sensitive. You can have alarmed equipment on a mobile cart or a TV swing mount. Accidental bumps, knocks, or earth tremors won't trigger it.
Long battery life
You only need to change the battery every 4 - 5 years. Power sipping circuitry consumes so little power it would take 50 years monitoring to drain the battery.
Smart Locks

We can make all your alarms operable by the same key. ("Keyed alike") And we can match that code on alarms you buy tomorrow, next month, even years from now.

Suspect your key is compromised? Our locks have removable cores – you can change keying by replacing the cores on-site in seconds. Affordably.

Upgrading, changing out, or repairing your equipment? No need to buy a new alarm. Just buy a new base plate and reuse the alarm.
Welded Stainless Steel Housing
These are professional thieves you want to stop. We forge our casings from high grade super hard drill resistant stainless steel, then weld and finish each corner. It would be cheaper and easier to use plastic of course. We didn't set out to make cheap or easy. For us, or for thieves.
Strongest Glue on this Planet
The bumper of this truck isn't bolted on; it's glued on with methacrylate. Stronger than bolts. Shock resistant. Temperature resistant. Solvent resistant. Which is why we use methacrylate. It's more expensive than epoxy, harder to use than cyanoacrylates (Krazy Glue, Super Glue, etc.) but if somebody actually does pry a Sonic Shock off your stuff, what's left won't be worth selling.
Installs in minutes.
No long instruction manual. Turn the key and it's locked and armed.

You wanted more? Sorry.