122 dB means...
It hurts.
The twin sirens rhythmically combine to produce a third super wave that shreds into the eardrums.

We put ear plugs in every kit.
Protect TVs and Digital Signs
People who steal 70 lb panels for a living are used to using force. They chop your cables, bust your furniture, rip the mount off your wall. They want violent, so give them violent: the large footprint stainless steel Sonic Shock Plasma is a challenge to pry off. Toxic loud if they try.
Available in two package formats:
Full Kit
The Sonic Shock Plasma Full kit includes everything you need to install and operate a Sonic Shock Plasma alarm – the alarm module and sensor tether, base plate, glue and two keys. No tools needed.
Commercial Kit
Installing multiple alarms? Already use Sonic Shock alarms? Our commercial kits save you money.
Commercial kits include everything in the full kit except keys and glue – you order these separately. One glue cartridge is enough to install 3 – 4 alarms. We key all your alarms to the same code so you may only need a few keys. If you're already using Sonic Shock alarms, we'll key your new alarms so they can be armed or disarmed using your existing keys.
Technical Specifications
Applications   Designed for use on flat panel televisions, but also recommended as a superior anti theft solution for any equipment - projectors, computers, printers - which have a 2 x 5.4 inch (5 x 13.6 cm) flat surface area for mounting
Dimensions   2 x 5.4 inches x 1.3 inches high (5 x 13.6 cm x 0.33 cm high)
The Sonic Shock Plasma is sufficiently thin to be affixed to the back of wall mounted flat panel televisions
Kit Contents   Alarm module
Mounting plate
Electronic tether
Ilco removable core lock
9 volt industrial alkaline battery
Installation & User Guide
Kit does not include glue or keys; these items are ordered separately. (Distributors ordering kits from us for their inventory typically specify a glue cartidge and 2 keys in each kit. Most customers, however, can economize by ordering only 1 glue cartridge for every four alarms, and only a handful of keys.)
Construction   Alarm housing: 0.034 inch / 1 mm thick 18 gauge hard grade brushed stainless steel
Mounting Plate: 0.124 inch / 3.18 mm thick aluminum etched aluminum plate
Acoustic Generator   Custom Multice piezo siren
Locks   Ilco 5 wafer cam lock
Removable core
Available keyed alike or keyed differently (200 combinations)
The same key can operate Sonic Shock 5, Sonic Shock Plasma, and Sonic Shock 4, 3 or 2 versions (now discontinued).
Power   9 volt industrial alkaline battery
650 milliamp hour capacity
1 microamp monitoring current
800 milliamp current at full alarm
Battery Life   5+ years in monitoring mode (50 years theoretically possible)
1 hour in full alarm
Control Circuit   Proprietary Comprotec single purpose analog computer
Adhesive   Methylmethacrylate kit ("Plastic Welder")
2 part exothermic cure non toxic structural adhesive
3,500 psi strength on al metals and most plastics (except polypropylene)
Very high impact resistance (eg. hammer blows)
4 minute working time; 80% strength in 2 hours; 100% in 24 hours
Impervious to water or solvents when cured
Surface Bonding Area   63 square centimeters / 10 square inches
Weight   600 grams
Operating Temperature   0 - 45 degrees Centigrade
Alarm is intended for indoor use
Environmental   All Sonic Shock electronics are European Union RoHS compliant (lead free electronics)
All packaging, master packaging, and paper inserts are fabricated from 100% recycled materials
Support   Instructions included with every kit
Additional Web based assistance under "Support" at www.sonicshock.info
Warranty   Product, excluding the battery, is warrantied for life, and for all causes (including damage inflicted by customer or a theft attempt). Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the alarm FOB our factory or authorized distributor.