If you're a thief, this alarm attracts what you don't want: ATTENTION!!
It denies what you do want: to be able to hear... someone coming or a warning from your lookout.
Sonic Shock 5 is our most popular model, customers using this effective but compact alarm on everything - projectors, computers, televisions.
Available in two package formats:
Full Kit
The Sonic Shock 5 Full kit includes everything you need to install and operate a Sonic Shock 5 alarm – the alarm module and sensor tether, base plate, glue and two keys. You don't need tools.
Commercial Kit
If you are installing multiple alarms, our commercial kits allow you to save money by excluding glue and keys – you order these separately, buying just what you need. One glue cartridge is enough to install 4 -5 alarms.We key all your alarms to the same code so you may only need a few keys. If you're already using Sonic Shock alarms, we'll key your new alarms so they can be armed or disarmed using your existing keys.
Technical Specifications
Applications   Our most popular model, Sonic Shock 5 is an effective anti theft solution for any equipment - projectors, televisions, and computers - which have a 2 x 3.8 inch (5 x 10 cm) flat surface area for mounting
Dimensions   2 x 3.8 inches x 1.3 inches high (5 x 10 cm x 0.33 cm high)
The Sonic Shock 5 is sufficiently thin to be affixed to the back of most wall mounted flat panel televisions
Kit Contents  

Alarm module
Mounting plate
Electronic tether
Ilco removable core lock
9 volt industrial alkaline battery
Installation & User Guide
Methacrylate glue kit
2 keys

Commercial kits exclude glue or keys; these items are ordered separately. Most customers can economize by ordering only 1 glue cartridge for every four Sonic Shock 5 alarms, and only a handful of keys.

Construction   Alarm housing: 0.05 inch / 1 mm thick 18 gauge hard grade brushed stainless steel
Mounting plate: 0.23 inch / 5.7 mm carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate
Acoustic Generator   Custom Multice piezo siren
Locks   Ilco 5 wafer cam lock
Removable core
Available keyed alike or keyed differently (200 combinations)
The same key can operate Sonic Shock 5, Sonic Shock Plasma, and Sonic Shock 4, 3 or 2 versions (now discontinued).
Power   9 volt industrial alkaline battery
650 milliamp hour capacity
1 microamp monitoring current
400 milliamp current at full alarm
Battery Life   5+ years in monitoring mode (50 years theoretically possible)
2 hours in full alarm
Control Circuit   Proprietary Sonic Shock single purpose analog computer