Secure Projectors from Theft

While they often use Sonic Shock on other equipment, all our college, university and school customers use Sonic Shock to secure data projectors. Before, most had serious theft losses despite using cables or protective enclosures which thieves simply cut or dismantled. Sonic Shock presents thieves only two choices: carry the siren with them, or rip the alarm off the projector, destroy the casing, and render the projector unsaleable. So effective is this strategy, or customers world wide return year after year to order more.
Sonic Shock fits any projector that has a free flat surface, It mounts on the side, top, or bottom. Right side up or upside down – it doesn't matter; there's no motion or tilt sensor. Only 1.25 inches (3 cm) thick it easily fits inside a security enclosure.

Built for Commercial Applications

With projectors more so than any other equipment theft, you'll likely be dealing with professional thieves. Sonic Shock has to be robust. Both the alarm housing and mounting plate are rammed from high strength stainless steel. We use a structural adhesive – methacrylate – for bonding the mounting plate. Methacrylate adhesives aren't consumer friendly as "peel & stick" or cynoacrylates ("Krazy Glue"), and they're vastly more expensive, so nobody else uses them in a security product. But nothing beats them for strength, so we do.
Sonic Shock locks have removable cores. If ever your key security is compromised, changing the lock cores is a fast job. And inexpensive. Long run we'll make more money by keeping your Sonic Shocks effective, not soaking you on parts costs.
We ship everything by UPS, so you get your order in days, not weeks. Wherever you are we'll quote in your local currency, shipping, customs processing, duties, and value added taxes all included. You have only one price to budget; no extra costs.

Sonic Shock is generally less expensive than comparable alarms, yet we claim it's the most robust commercially friendly alarm sold. How so? We skip some features our competitors think you need. For instance Sonic Shock gives you only one choice of alarm volume: loud. Only one alarm delay: none. Gone are complex, expensive, failure prone electronics which expand the feature list to sell in a computer store, but which do nothing to repel thieves. No expensive rechargable batteries and charging circuits, no need to find another free power outlet for the alarm – in monitoring state Sonic Shock exists on just a 1 microamp current and never needs recharge.

No Maintenance

Maybe you like dragging a step ladder about and working upside down from its top rung. Sonic Shock never needs regular inspection or battery changes.

Its hard wired analog logic circuit just always works – there's nothing to go wrong. The battery lasts beyond 5 years (Probably longer – it would take 50 years for the monitoring current to drain the battery.). You like climbing ladders? Fine. Your projector will give you regular reasons to. We won't.

Inexpensive Parts
Okay, you do have to change the battery if the alarm has gone for hours, or, to be safe, after several years monitoring. How much does a new one cost? Not much. Any 9 volt alkaline will do.
Need to move Sonic Shock to a new projector? A new mounting plate and glue costs only a few dollars.

No False Alarms. Ever
Sonic Shock isn't motion sensitive. You rope our 10 foot (3 metre) electronic tether around something heavy, plug itinto the Shock alarm, then arm it with a key. You can bang it, lift, move, or turn it upside down with no protest. Unplug or cut the trip wire though, and you will. Once started, it won't stop until you stop it.

Custom Locks
We custom key every order. So that your locks are different from the college next door. So you can
re-order a year from now and get it keyed the same as those you buy today. So you don't have to wait weeks because your request for all keyed alike or whatever is a "special order". We have no special orders.

The World's Strongest Glue

The bumper on this truck isn't bolted on; it's glued on with methacrylate. Which is why we use methacrylate. Shock resistant. Temperature resistant. Solvent resistant. Stronger than bolts. If somebody actually does wrench a Sonic Shock from your projector, what they have left to take won't look pretty