Commercial and institutional customers world wide use Sonic Shock because it works. Better than cables, cages, and anchors that thieves simply chop, cut, or pry loose. Sonic Shock is effective electronic security you can confidently leave armed 24/7 in a lecture hall, conference room, nursing station. No false alarms from accidental knocks or movement, earth tremors, power surges, static electricity. No need to regularly arm/disarm: you arm it and leave. You and your staff, students, patients, hotel guests, clients, whomever will all forget its there.
But it's always there. Armed. Vigilant.
We don't stop thieves. They want to stop.
Generally they don't even want to start.
Cables & cages don't strike at motivation. They're just physical barriers. Thieves just bring tools.
But Sonic Shock imposes stress. It makes thieves risk being witnessed. Recognized. Caught.
Dirt simple
Installation guide? Mostly pictures.
User guide? Like you have time.

You glue on a base plate, attach the alarm, plug in the sensor, turn the key.
If you seek complexity, seek elsewhere.

Use one common security device on any or all of your AV and computer hardware. One key to operate them all.
Zero maintenance
You don't want to fix things that hang in the air.
Sonic Shock never needs regular inspection or frequent battery changes. Its hard wired analog logic circuit just always works.The battery lasts 5 years.
Expandable population
Every model we make and have ever made works roughly the same way. And anything you buy in future we can key to the same key code. Won't take weeks because it's a "special order". We custom key every order.