kiss your stuff goodbye
This really does happen. Many, if not most thefts actually take place during working hours. Your doors are unlocked, alarms off, guard down. Maybe you've deployed physical restraints like cables. That will hinder thieves, but not by much; the pros who steal computers, projectors and televisions either scouted your site in advance, or already know what to expect. They brought tools. They'll cut cables instantly, pry cages open, or rip a television and its mount right out of a wall.

Creating collateral damage doesn't slow thieves much, doesn't bother them, doesn't stop them. Even if there are lots of people around, nobody will notice, let alone remember someone walking down the corridor of a university, hospital or hotel lobby carrying some equipment.
And thieves know it.

* how much will depend on his history, the state, and if it's election year for the judge
kiss him goodbye
So you're thinking, "no thief is stupid enough to try this". And you're right. Thieves are smarter than that. That takes care of daytime threats, but how about a remote corner of a hospital or college when no one is around? Still not a scene thieves embrace. In many settings there still might be someone around even late at night, and when a building is quiet, an alarm siren can carry a very long way. Not only that, with a siren going right beside them, a thief can no longer hear anyone coming.

Physical security devices make you feel secure, but they merely slow thieves, and a lot less than you'd like to believe. If you're a thief, will some cable really stop you?
But will the risk of being seen, noticed, and remembered give you pause? It does professional thieves.
In over 14 years of use, hundreds of thousands of installations in universities, institutions, and commercial sites world wide, many of them high theft prone locations, Sonic Shock has proven to be the most effective deterrent available to secure computers and audio visual equipment.

Thieves want to operate quickly, quietly, and anonymously. Sonic Shock denies them all three.