"I had a 42 inch LCD TV in the lobby less than 24 hours before it was stolen", one hotel manager told us, "and they did it right in front of my staff".

"I even lent them the step ladder", said a hospital secretary who assumed the two men in maintenance uniforms were...well, from maintenance.

Today half our sales are for alarms used to secure televisions
and digital signs. Thieves used to cart off bulky CRT projector televisions from bars full patrons and employees. Now flat panel televisions make their task easier.
Sonic Shock stops these thefts. Mostly it does so by simple deterrence. But if thieves trigger our alarm, they leave, and they leave without your television. No thief wants to attract attention.

Use either Sonic Shock Model

Sonic Shock 5

Our most popular model can be used anywhere – projectors, televisions and desktop computers. Its small size (5.5 x 10 cm; 2 x 3.875 inch) and economical price make it practical to secure large numbers of smaller, cheaper flat panel televisions such as in hotels or rental apartments.

Sonic Shock Plasma
Thieves who steal televisions are strong. They don't undo things, they tear them apart. Sonic Shock Plasma has a bigger surface area to better fight such attack. And for thieves who want to hear it, Sonic Shock Plasma has a twin siren which, well, we supply ear plugs.

Which One Should I Use?
Consider the 'Plasma' version if you're facing any of these factors: expensive tv, vulnerable area, or prior theft.

Now you have many
The television is no longer some monster on a cart in a conference room. You or your customers are using them in waiting rooms, lobbies, classrooms, and display kiosks. And often in these places you don't have just one.

Not always in secure areas...
Maybe you you live in a 'safe' neighbourhood. But people in unsafe neighborhoods don't set up TVs outside; they come to your place. We sell lots of alarms to people who thought their backyard 'safe'. (One note here: Sonic Shock might be triggered by rain. So long as your TV is under some kind of roof, you're good.)

Why not security cables?
If they worked you wouldn't be here; we wouldn't be here. You can pretend cables are strong. You can pretend they will stop some thieves. You can pretend thieves don't know about cable cutters. Pretend defenses don't stop people who make a living stealing TVs.

Compatible with your mount
Sonic Shock's 3.3 cm (1.3 inch) depth is sufficiently thin to fit between the wall and the back of your TV using all available mounts, even newer 'flush' wall mounts.